Thank you to everyone who has given me a testimonial for the book.

Jennifer L. Lough

It is through you my dear friend and fellow holy spirit that I found my voice and was able to bring to light my untold story and pain. You were the catalyst and for that I will be forever grateful. It was your unwavering friendship through thick and thin that stood the test of time that led to the revelation that I had to speak my feelings,problem and solution. I felt extreme pain at being disabled and stigmatized and that unexpressed pain was bottling up and finally the great revelation occurred to me. Like an Undercover Boss , I now know my role as healer is to SHARE. I need to SHARE my STORY for my PEERS because we are all ONE AWESOME GODLIKE CREATURES.

Jennifer L. Lough

Melleigha Nichols

This is a book that will really make you think.  The book is deliberately short, as it serves as a conversation starter. Igomene Joseph not only wants you to think on what he is saying, he is also inviting you, the reader, to read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. While the book itself if fairly short, it is meant to bring about the author’s experiences and thoughts on what “God” is to him. I really recommend reading it, especially if you looking for a good book on spirituality.

Melleigha Nichols

Steven Swart

I recall being extremely tired the night I read Joseph Igomene’s “The Undercover CEO”. I started it out of a sense of obligation, but quickly got caught up in it, so much so that I read it in a single session, without pause. It registered for me on a deep, emotional level.

It also reminded me of two things.

In ancient religions and folklore from cultures the world over, one frequently encounters tales of people meeting strangers, who are actually gods, demigods or other supernatural entities in disguise. These entities either punish or reward the person they met, depending on that person’s behaviour towards them. The moral of these stories is a cautionary one, and always the same – appearances can be deceptive, one cannot rely on appearances, and so you should always treat everyone you meet with the necessary dignity and respect.

The other reminder was of a phrase from Robert Heinlein’s seminal work of science fiction, “Stranger in a Strange Land”. The main protagonist, Michael Valentine Smith, the Man from Mars, arrives on Earth with no knowledge of his own species, humanity, or of his homeworld. In an effort to educate him, the people who befriend him feed him large volumes of reading material, among them religious works, which he reads and consumes at an astonishing pace. Afterwards, he addresses his friends with the startling phrase “Thou art God.” At first, his friends think he has misunderstood. Only much later on do they realise that he understood the Earth’s Scriptures and Holy Books far better than they themselves did.

Steven Swart

Colin Hutson

Well well well, what a delightful read. Of course, the content resonates with me given what I believe to be true but I dare say others who do not share my truth would still be able to enjoy it. Igomene has the courage to do whatever it takes to get the book out and do not depend on acceptance from anybody. We should all share what we receive through inspiration as this is why we receive it in the first place. Well done my friend or dare I say well done my God.

Colin Hutson

A Fascinating Journey

Can any voyage be so strange or so long as the one into the depths of one’s own soul? We see the world around us but even in a mirror can we possibly see ourselves?

The Quakers (Society of Friends) believe in ‘that of God in every man’ and their meetings are based on Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Is it so difficult to imagine that God might be in our midst in a more physical form than is the usual interpretation?

Iggy presents this idea in a series of essays, mostly autobiographical, where he combines “Conversations With God” with “Undercover Boss” to come up with something totally original. Some will dismiss the book as the deranged meanderings of a schizophrenic. Some may accept everything he says as the literal and complete truth. I’m somewhere in between those extremes.

Check it out for yourself. It’s worth thinking about, and it won’t take too long to read. It’s likely to stay in your thoughts for quite a while, though.

Charles Gregory

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