Schizophrenia: When Body, Mind, and Spirit go to War

Experience the trilogy of mind, body and spirit through the eyes of one remarkable man who has gone through a powerful transformation process. Visualize, while reading this wonderful book, seeing from his perspective as he takes us on his journey from tormented to empowered, from schizophrenia client to peer specialist. Now self-aware, he is courageous and daring enough to put his true self into this masterful writing experience.

The writer touches on something deep and rich in this book. He asks the reader to imagine a world full of labels, attachments, criticisms and a place full of naysayers who say: you can’t do it because of this label or because of your past. Imagine a place where you must constantly fight your own demons just to pursue your dreams, a place where most people don’t have to fight to be successful or free. Imagine a place where the boundaries set in a society to treat “mental illness” as a limited area of the brain rather than a more expansive mindset. Igomene not only moved me to look beyond the “mental illness” label of others; he will also encourage you to be more than what others see. That’s what we look for, right? Practical tips for conquering one’s own challenges.

This book is that cup of coffee you drink in the morning to get momentum to face the day. This book is the Vitamin C you take to combat future illnesses. This book is that long hot bath that prepares you for a restful night’s sleep. We are taken through his metamorphosis to see how a beautiful mind works…the rawness, the bravado of someone just putting it all out there. It reminds us, nothing should hold us down… not a label, not social stigmas, and not even our own mindset. Thank you, Igomene for your dreams, made into reality for us to read. It is truly inspirational.

By Noel Renost, 7/20/20