About Me

I’m a self-published author and I recently wrote about the Creator, where “God” is like the CEO of the Universe. Earth is His “company” or place where He works and He’s working undercover to see how things are running within the company. He gets to see what people think of His performance. Is He a good boss or a bad one and if He’s doing a good job, etc.? I insert myself into the story and write myself into the storyline as if I were God, himself.
How did It start?


It all started when I lost my memories in the weirdest way possible. I fell into some sort of trance and when it ended, I felt trapped amidst endless mazes in my own mind with no way out. I had to live like this for years. Doctors diagnosed me with Schizophrenia, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, and a whole lot of psychological maladies without any real help.
How did I receive the help I needed?
Until a recent experience after reading Conversations with God gave me new insights and a way out of my struggles. This was an eye-opener for me, as I discovered I was not weird or abnormal. It was God trying to communicate with me in the best way possible. The voices in my head were not demons or someone else, those voices belonged to me.
Finally, “What is Fanfiction?”
Fanfiction is a spin on an already existing book, TV show, or movie. So the fan will pick a story, use new or existing characters, story location, etc., and just make it their own story. Mine is titled The Undercover CEO: The Ultimate Revelation. I would be honored if you could give me feedback on it. My joy would be complete if you could share the book with others. Let’s have some fun with this. Humor welcomed!
Welcome to a New Year!
I am also a Behavioral Health Technician and Certified Recovery Peer Specialist.